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Behaviourist Referral & Puppy Preschool


Behavioural Medicine

Illness does not always have a physical cause. Our Veterinarians can assist you in finding an animal behaviourist. Animal behaviourists specialise in altering unwanted behaviours, by determining the cause or reason for misbehaviour and working with you to change it. Depending upon your needs, our vets can direct to you to helpful websites or recommend behaviourists who offer Skype appointments in your own home. Although a behaviour modification approach is usually tried first, there are some cases where our vets can offer medications that are used to help aid in the transition. Our goal is to allow you to have a close relationship and bond with your beloved pet by assisting in changing any undesired traits.


Puppy Preschool

Having a new puppy is both an exciting and very time consuming endeavour. Our knowledgeable staff can help ease the stress of training a new puppy and allow you to focus more on the joys of having a new family member. We offer evening puppy preschool classes, taught by our experienced and wonderful nurses. Classes run on Mondays or Tuesdays at 5:30pm for 4 weeks, and are only $85 for entire four sessions. You will learn all about the important healthcare required for your puppy, basic obedience, as well as providing a safe socialising environment. Call the clinic to see when the next class begins.