Surgery & Desexing



All dogs and cats can and should be desexed at five to six months of age. Desexed pets have less health problems than undesexed pets and are proven to live significantly longer. Desexing female dogs helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, significantly decreases risk of mammary, ovarian and cervical cancer, prevents in-season bleeding (which can last up to 3 weeks and occur up to 3 times yearly), and help prevent wandering behaviour (which can result in serious accidents and loss of pet). Desexing male dogs helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, significantly decreases risk of testicular, prostate and perianal cancers, and helps prevent wandering behaviours.

All kittens should be desexed at five to six months of age. Undesexed cats can be unpleasant to live with and at risk of wandering behaviour or attracting other undesexed cats to your home. Females are extremely vocal for weeks at a time when they are 'in season' and male cats have a very foul smelling urine that they often spray to mark their territory. Desexing your cat can help battle over-population and promote longevity with your pet. If you would like more information on desexing procedures and costs, please contact the clinic.



Dental cleaning

Does your pet have bad breath, difficulty eating or is off its food? These are common signs of dental disease. Dental disease occurs in 80% of pets over 3 years of age, and regular care is required to keep your pet's teeth healthy. We offer complimentary nurse dental checks to evaluate your individual pet’s dental needs. This may range from a simple diet change, adding in specific dental treats, regular brushing or the need for a full anaesthetized dental scale and polish. Although some owners are concerned about putting their pet under anaesthetic, rest assured that the risks of anaesthesia are small compared to the benefits of a healthy mouth. In order to provide "anaesthesia as safe as possible" we offer pre-anaesthetic blood work and optional intravenous fluids to ensure your pets safety.

Our experienced nurses and state of the art monitoring equipment also allows us to keep a very close eye on every patient. During the dental procedure all teeth will get a full ultrasonic scale and polish along with a fluoride treatment - to strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity. In addition to cleaning we also do gum surgery, tumor removal and extractions if required. We also have a variety of dental home care products to help maintain your pet's oral health. So come in and speak to our staff to see what is best for you and your pet.



General Surgery and Orthopedics

The veterinarians at the Maraboon Vet Surgery are experienced in a range of general surgery procedures and orthopedics. Ranging from eye surgery, to obstruction removal, to amputations and bone repairs, you’ll feel relieved knowing that some options will be available in house. With a fully stocked surgery theatre and capable staff, you won’t want to go anywhere else.