Puppy Preschool

Having a new puppy is both exciting and a very time-consuming endeavor. As well as taking care of your new puppy, it is also essential for pet owners to help their puppy grow into confident, sociable, and well-behaved dogs, so they do not develop unwanted behaviors once they are adults. To ensure your puppy doesn’t develop those unwanted behaviors, it is best to socialize your puppy with other dogs and other people including children. Socialization is a very important element of helping your puppy develop confident social skills, good manners and helps them understand how to cope with the world.

Why is Puppy Preschool Important?

The aim of the Puppy Preschool program is to expose puppies to a variety of positive and new experiences in a safe and controlled environment. Puppies go through a critical learning period from 3 - 16 weeks of age, during which the puppy forms long-lasting behavioral and emotional connections. This means the experiences the puppy has during this period of learning and development, can influence their behavior as they reach adulthood. Puppy Preschool is an amazing opportunity for pet owners as it helps you understand your puppy, helps puppies with socialization skills and helps set your puppy up for success. Our goal is to help your puppy become confident, happy, sociable, and well-behaved. Our Puppy Preschool program can also help with identifying any puppies that may be struggling and need extra help!


  • Safe and controlled environment
  • Teaches socialization and good manners
  • Physical and mental enrichment
  • Helps your puppy cope with unfamiliar experiences
  • Help pet owners with troubleshooting common problems
  • Help pet owners understand their puppy and their behavior
  • A fun way to bond with your new puppy!


What is Covered?

Puppies Owners
  • Begin socialising with dogs, children, and adults
  • Name recognition
  • teaching sit
  • teaching stay
  • teaching look
  • drop when asked
  • begin lead walking
  • begin recalls
  • teaching swap
  • positive reinforcement training
  • handling and groomin
  • toilet training
  • bite inhibition
  • pet emergencies
  • health care advice including vaccinations, parasite prevention and desexing
  • nutrition advice
  • troubleshoting problems



Class Details

When: Mondays | 5:30-6:30pm
Where: Maraboon Vet Surgery Emerald
Duration: 4 Weeks
Cost: $100
What to Bring: Harness/Collar and Lead


Who can attend:

Owners: Everyone over the age of 5 are welcome. Limited to 2-3 people per puppy (at least
one person must be over the age of 18). Please contact us if you require more
people to attend the classes

Puppies: Puppies must be 10-16 weeks of age and had their second puppy vaccination.
Please bring vaccination booklet/certificate (if not previously vaccinated with us).


Course Inclusions
The cost of the course ($100) covers the entire four weeks for each puppy. Included in the program:

  • four class sessions
  • classes run by qualified veterinary nurse
  • digital comprehensive class notes
  • graduation goodie bag
  • graduation certificate and photo
  • individual report card
  •  access to helpful resources
  • referral to qualified trainer or behaviorist if needed

You do not have to be a client of Maraboon Vet Surgery to enroll in our Puppy Preschool.

Click here for our Puppy Preschool handout.
Click here for our New Puppy handout.