Preventative Medicine



Vaccinations and regular examinations by your veterinarian are the cornerstone of preventative care and longevity for your pet. Vaccination is the only way to protect your pet against common deadly viruses. We recommend that puppies and kittens receive a series of injections done 3-4 weeks apart (depending on the age of your pet), and then follow an annual or triennial booster program. Central Queensland has an extremely high incidence of contagious diseases including parvo virus and canine cough in dogs and cat flu in cats. It is therefore important to ensure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and follow the schedule set up by your vet.



Heartworm prevention (dogs only)

Queensland has the highest incidence of heartworm in Australia. It is a blood borne parasite that is transmitted through mosquitoes and can make your dog very ill. This parasite is potentially life threatening if left untreated. Treatment is difficult and expensive unlike prevention, so it is important to protect your pet. Options include a once monthly tablet or yearly injection. Our Doctors strongly recommend the yearly injection as heartworm is an extremely serious disease and it is the most comprehensive protection. This quick injection is done annually and prevents you from having to remember to administer a pill every month. If your dog is not up to date with their prevention, you may schedule an appointment to have this updated. Our staff will evaluate what is best for you and your pet to get them back on track with their health care plan. If there is a gap in your pets prevention, a heartworm test is performed to ensure your pet is not already affected and thus requiring treatment. This inexpensive test can be done in 10 minutes at our clinic, to allow prevention to be re-started immediately.




Microchipping is a quick easy procedure that can be done to help prevent the loss of your beloved pet. A small chip (about the size of grain of rice) can be easily implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades. Why microchip you pet? It is legally required by QLD law that all dogs and cats be microchipped. Every day countless pets are quickly reunited with their families after being found through this system. Microchipping encourages responsible pet ownership and provides piece of mind, knowing that your pet has a permanent identification that allows them to be returned to you safely.




We stock a full range of Hills Science Diet and Advance  premium dog foods. Our team can advise you on what the best feeding program is for your individual pet. Diet is a key factor in long term health of your beloved animal. Our staff are more than happy to discuss any aspects of feeding, ranging from paediatrics to seniors, and those pets with special needs.