Pet Health



The Maraboon Vet Surgery is a fully committed to offering a range of products and services to keep your pet(s) in optimal health. From preventative medicines and vaccinations to medical and hospital treatments, all bases are covered by experienced veterinarians and nurses.

We also pride ourselves on offering the most up to date treatments and medicine practises that are both professionally and compassionately delivered. Our veterinarians are registered with the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland and are capable of performing the highest quality of care while your pet is undergoing any treatment. We also have qualified and highly experienced nurses who are dedicated to ensuring your pet has the safest and most comfortable experience, so consultations are stress-free at the Maraboon Vet.



Cat Friendly Clinic



Did you know that we are a cat-friendly clinic? We take special care in our cat patients as we know that they need that extra little something to make their vet visit stress-free and comfortable for them and their owners. Here are some of the things that we do to make cats happy to see us!

  • Cat only waiting area - This area is separate from the dogs so they don't feel anxious
  • Cat friendly consult room - This consult room is dedicated to cats only, complete with feliway diffuser. So cats can feel happier and calmer, without those pesky dog smells!
  • Separate cat ward - We have a separate cat only ward for all day-stay and hospital patients. The cat cages are quite spacious and some have multi-level comfortable bedding, which is perfect for cats! It also has a feliway diffuser in in to keep the cats comfortable and calm.
  • Cat friendly handling techniques and restraint - We use only the most friendliest of cat techniques and restraint so you can rest assured that your cat is in soft and calm hands. 
  • Cat friendly surgical equipment - We carry cat specific surgical equipment which is imperative for ensuring our cats are receiving the best medicine possible, but also the best care as well! 
  • Cat friendly advocate - Our wonderful nurse Jess P, is our dedicated Cat friendly advocate who oversees our cat friendly clinic strategies. So if you have any concerns about our cat friendly clinic, you can talk to her any day!