Maraboon Rural Veterinary Services

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland  
00:00 AM

We are beyond excited to announce the newest addition to the Maraboon Vet Family, Maraboon Rural Vet Services . Come September 2023, we will be operating a Mobile Large Animal Vet, servicing Central Queensland. Bringing a new but experienced Vet Team; we are going to be providing modern and comprehensive equine and cattle veterinary services to our region. 

You will be getting the same quality customer service that the Maraboon Family is renowned for, just in LARGE form! With 2 fully equipped mobile trucks, a portable horse crush, portable x-ray and ultrasound, and much more; we'll be providing a 24/7 ambulatory service on top of our huge array of standard services including but not limited to:

Equine Services:

  • Ambulatory Services: This includes anything from colic’s, choke and foot abscesses to stitch ups for wound repairs/trauma and other emergencies
  • Equine Dentistry: A very important management procedure that can be combines with annual vaccinations and health checks
  • Routine Vaccinations & Health Checks
  • Lameness Examinations: An important process to investigate and treat in order to maintain good performance
  • Imaging: We have digital radiography to further aid any lameness investigation
  • Freeze branding & Microchipping: For all your studbook and identification needs
  • Reproductive Services : This includes pregnancy scanning and follicle testing to set mares up for breeding success


Cattle Services:

  • Ambulatory Services: For any emergencies that arise such as injury/trauma, sick calves or down cows
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis: This is an important management tool to aid in maximising reproductive performance
  • Bull Testing: Vital for ensuring only the best performing bulls are joined to ensure the highest conception rates possible
  • Herd Health Programming: To assist with management decisions such as supplementation and vaccination protocols
  • Surgery : Including caesareans, calf hernias and eye ablations
  •  Lameness Investigations: An important investigative services to ensure that maximum production is reached
  • Reproductive Services: We can assist with artificial insemination, calving’s and reproductive loss investigations


Please head to our new page, Maraboon Rural Vet Services to stay up to date with the latest news and to hear when our appointment bookings will open. Our website is also now live, so check it out for more information!

We cannot wait to get on the road and see you soon.