Toxicity of Christmas Foods for your Pets

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
12/12/2023 00:00 AM
Christmas has once again snuck up on all of us! With a much needed break coming we would like to remind everyone about the dangers of sharing our ‘Human’ food with our pets during the Christmas...

Doggy Day Care New Facility

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
14/11/2023 00:00 AM
Doggy Day Care has expanded! Now in a brand new purpose built facility ready for your dogs to enjoy, some of them don’t even want to leave! Doggy Day care is a great way for your dog to socialize...

Grass Seeds in Pets

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
10/10/2023 00:00 AM
In the late spring and summer, the number of cases of grass seeds in dogs rises exponentially. A grass seed itself, which is no longer than a centimetre, is sharp and pointy, and...

Snake Bites

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
12/09/2023 00:00 AM
The Weather has changed and snakes are on the move again!  Bites can happen in the blink of an eye, and the venom acts quickly. All snake bites or suspected snake bites should be treated as life-...

Maraboon Rural Veterinary Services

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
08/08/2023 00:00 AM
We are beyond excited to announce the newest addition to the Maraboon Vet Family, Maraboon Rural Vet Services . Come September 2023, we will be operating a Mobile Large Animal Vet, servicing...

Bladder Stones in Dogs

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
18/07/2023 00:00 AM
Bladder stones can form in animals just like they do in humans. They are rock-like collections of minerals that form in the urinary bladder. Bladder stones can form in a range of different sizes,...

Maintaining your Pets Grooming Health

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
13/06/2023 00:00 AM
Let us talk about grooming your pet and why it is so important for their overall health.  One of the responsibilities of becoming a pet owner is ensuring their coat is well maintained, no...

Blood Donor Program

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
16/05/2023 00:00 AM
Did you know that dogs sometimes require Blood Donors as well as humans? Your dog can save another dog's life by getting involved in our Blood Donation Program! There are many health conditions...

Rat Bait Toxicity in Pets

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
11/04/2023 00:00 AM
We have recently seen an increase in the number of pets who have been exposed to ‘Rat baits’ and requiring life saving treatments. Rodenticides (Rat Bait) are a very common cause of poisoning in...

Being a Veterinarian

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland,
14/03/2023 00:00 AM
Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything but we think we have some pretty amazing and talented Vets working in the Maraboon family. Our Vets have completed many years of study and then many...