Parvovirus the In's and Out's

Posted By Dr Angela Sutherland  
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Parvovirus - The In's and Out's

Parvovirus in dogs is a highly contagious disease that affects many dogs in Australia, every year. It is caused by a virus that lives in the environmant and is particulatly dangerous for young puppies. The most common symptoms associated with parvo inclue; severe diarrhoea (often bloody), vomiting, fever, lack of appetite and lethargy. Dogs with parvovirus often become ill very quickly. They can be healthy one day and the follwing day, life threathening condition. Any dog can get parvovirus, but it tends to be more severe in puppies than in adult dogs. The good news - it is preventable by vaccination!

A new strain of canine parvovirus in Australia - But don't panic

Researchers in Adelaide have recently reported the detection of a new stran of canine parvovirus. Although this virus is new to Australia, it has been present in many overseas countries since 2000, and is very closely related to the normal strains that have been in Australis for the past 40 years.

Experience from other countries that have this particular strain, as well as specific scientific studies, have shown that the current vaccines we sue are effective in providing protectin against this type. Although concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of test used to detect this virus, studies have shown that these too are effective for the new type.

How to prevent Parvovirus

If your dog is up-to-date with its vaccination, you do not have to do anything! Take your dog for a walk and enjoy your normal routine. However, if your dog is unvaccinated or overdue, now is the time to shcedule an appointment with your vet. Both the old and new strains of parvovirus can cause serious health concerns, and in many cases, will lead to death if untreated. Vaccination schedules should start with puppies as oung as six weeks of age. Puppies should receive a series of three vaccination administered four weeks apart then annually thereafter. These vaccinations against parvovirus are highly effective and very safe for all dogs.

Be highly vigilant

Central Highlands is one of Australia's highest areas of concern for the parvovirus. We strongly encourage everyone in the area to ensure that their dog's vacinations are up to date. If your dog is unwell and you suspect it may have contracted parvo, contact your vet immediately. Early intervention and treatment is imperitive for its survial.

If you have any concerns, the Maraboon Vet Surgery has highly trained staff you can call to get accurate and informed infromation. They are qualified professionals and are your best bet for protecting the health and welfare of your pets.